About the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

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School of Humanities and Social Sciences was founded in May 2003, consisting of 4 departments: Department of Sociology, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Applied Psychology and Department of Musicology; there are 4 undergraduate majors: Sociology, Chinese Language and Literature, Applied Psychology and Music; there is 1 academic discipline offering master degree program, namely, Sociology; there are 3 professional disciplines offering master degree programs, namely, Social Work, Art Management and Music; Relying on Management System Engineering of School of Economics and Management, Fuzhou University, which is a second-level discipline offering doctor’s degree program, School of Humanities and Social Sciences begins to recruit doctoral candidates; 7 Research Institutes, including, Senior Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Institute of Contemporary Literature Research between Taiwan and Fujian Province, Institute of Chinese Culture, Institute of Traditional Arts, Institute of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Institute of Gerontology and Institute of Female Development; the School is also in charge of 3 centers of Fuzhou University’s Cultural Quality Education Base, including, Center of Sinology Research and Practice, Center of Psychological Counseling, Center of Art Practice; there is also a Mandarin(Putonghua) Testing Center; The school has strong teaching faculty with reasonable organizational structure and there are quite a few vigorous and innovative experts and scholars who enjoy high reputation with their profound academic achievements. The school comprises 73 faculty members, including 61 full-time teachers and researchers, among whom there are 8 professors, 23 associate professors, and 30 lecturers; there are 32 faculty members with doctorates (including doctoral candidates); among the key talents, there is 1 “Minjiang Scholar” Distinguished Professor and 3 listed in “New Century Fine Talents Support Program” for Universities in Fujian Province. There are many research projects sponsored by Chinese Social Science and Natural Science Foundations.

Currently, there are 133 graduate students and 745 undergraduate students in the school.


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