About Musicology

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Musicology Department, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Fuzhou University was founded in 2004. It enrolled the first year students in 2005, and recruited the first year Art Management, Art Performance postgraduate students in 2012 and 2017 respectively. There are 19 members of full-time professional teaching staff, including 3 professors an 4 associate professors. One of them is "Provincial-level Prominent Educator", while 3 of them have doctoral degrees. They constitute a vibrant and reliable tier in teaching and academic research. Recently, teachers in Musicology Department have undertaken national social science research project, national artistic research project awarded by Ministry of Education, national artistic research project awarded by Ministry of Culture, and social science research programs at the provincial and ministerial level, and published more than 80 papers.

Musicology Program is a four-year program, with a Bachelor of Art upon completion of 160 credits. It advocates a balance of basic theory and music performance, transdisciplinary cultivation, and application-orientation in teaching. Participation of folk music group, orchestra, choir and dance performing group in professional competitions as University Arts Festival and Cross-strait Choral Festival upgrades students’ professional skills and performance, solidifying application-oriented talents. Students and teachers have garnered more than 100 professional and academic awards.

Cooperation with Music Department, Tunghai University, Taiwan in education and cultivation, under which a number of students visit Music Department, Tunghai University as exchange students each year since 2014 has had great achievements. The employment rate of musicology graduate is on the rise in recent years, with more than 18% doing postgraduate study annually, churning out great number of talents for the society.. Teaching facilities, discipline construction, orchestra instruments and maintenance, and smart music room all reel in more investment in recent years, satiating the needs of routine teaching and professional practice.